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Vue aérienne du littoral de Guéthary

Guéthary is a typical Basque village, old harbor of whaling, wide open ocean, and now known worldwide by surfers for its various "spots".

Located 15 km from Bayonne and Hendaye 15 km from the center of the Basque Coast, Guéthary has a view of the coast to the beaches of the Landes and the Pyrenees on the panorama visible to the top of the central chain.


Les Fables de La Fontaine à GUETHARY

du 31/03/2018 au 31/03/2018

Vide-grenier à GUETHARY

du 22/04/2018 au 22/04/2018

L'association Lagungarri organise un vide-grenier en faveur des élèves de l'école Uhanderea.

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